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RARA Trekking takes you to up into the largest lake in Nepal which is high altitude lakes in Nepal as well. Rara is situated at the elevation of 2980m from the sea level.Which combines the beauty of spruce and pine forest with spectacular views of the surrounding hills and mountains. This is Nepal’s largest lake, which houses otters and many fish species. This is one of the best treks to view Nepal’s wildlife including the Himalayan bear. This area is one of the least inhabited trekking routes, which will give you a feel for the natural environment of Nepal.


Pristine Rara Lake, known as the Queen of Lakes, is the largest lake in Nepal. Because Rara is high altitude lakes in Nepal ,it is surrounded by juniper and spruce forests of Rara  National Park in the western part of the country, it is a high altitude lake at 9,800 feet (2,980 m). The trekking route is not heavily traveled, but it passes through a region that affords cultural interactions and scenery quite different from the rest of Nepal. You may meet followers of Hinduism as well as immigrant Tibetan families.


Trekking in this area involves a great deal of up-and-down walking through forests and isolated villages. You remain mostly at lower elevations, reaching a high elevation of 12,243 feet (3,710 m) at Danfe pass.

Start /Finish at Jumla - 9 Days

Day 1

Trek from Jumla to Khali Lek

Day 2

Khali Lek to Bharbahre

Day 3

Bharbhare to Jhyari

Day 4 

Jhyari to Rara Lake

Day 5 

Rest day at Rara Lake

Day 6

Rara (start early in the morning) to Bota

Day 7

Bota to Jaljala

Day 8

Jaljala to Chere

Day 9

Chere to Jumla

Start /Finish at Pokhara - 13 Days

Total 13 Days

9 days(as above) +4 days(1 day drive to Nepalgunj (public bus or private vehicle) + 1 day fly to Jumla+ 1 day fly back to Nepaljung+ 1 day  return to Pokhara by bus/private vehicle)


Start /Finish at Kathmandu - 13 Days

Total 13 Days

1 day fly to Nepalgunj from kathmandu+ 1 day fly to Jumla+ 1 day fly  back to Nepalgunj+ 1 day fly back to Kathmandu.

Note: Kathmandu city sight seeing tour can also be organized either next day of your arrival in Kathmandu or after you have finished trek that means the day before your departure to back home. To do so you need to add  on 1 more day.

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