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A must try adrenaline outdoor adventure sport that involves variety of techniques  to descent down a series of waterfalls through a canyon. They are like abseiling, jumping, sliding and boulder scrambling . You can have an exciting adventure that you never had before.

There are 3 most adventurous thrilling canyoning sites  being operated from Pokhara:

  • Jalbire Khola Canyoning
  • Lwang Gaun Canyoning
  • Ghalel Gaun Canyoning

You get extreme fun and amazing scenery in these Nepal’s most beautiful canyons. Experience majestic waterfalls, rock slides, and giant jumping rocks where you land in pristine pools of turquoise water. Simultaneously these trips specially Lwang and Ghalel Gaun  offers you a great time to experience country people and life as you come across the typical Gurung settlement, their unique traditional aged long culture  and the authentic Nepali country side food.